General terms and sales conditions

Intellectual Property

The plans, studies, reports, specifications, presentations, training courses, and any other general documents created by EASI Network are protected by legal copyright and remain the exclusive property of EASI Network in all circumstances. Except when specifically indicated, the customer is not allowed to duplicate the transmitted documents or the information contained therein, nor exploit these directly or indirectly, either by him/herself or through any third party or through a parent company or a related firm. The customer is obliged to undertake action to ensure that EASI Network’s intellectual property rights concerning these documents are respected by all its employees, servants, assignees and/or subcontractors or any other person directly or indirectly related to it, with the customer assuming all responsibility in this respect. Any violation of this clause will automatically result in EASI Network being compensated by the payment of a minimum sum of € 25.000, without prejudice concerning the compensation for the actual damage.


In compliance with its intellectual property rights, the offers created by EASI Network may therefore not be used to obtain competing offers or as a basis for specification. Offers created by EASI Network will only be binding on EASI Network to the extent that acceptance of the offer is received within 30 days (unless explicitly stated otherwise in the offer). If not, EASI Network will only be bound after a written confirmation.
The studies, plans and documents handed over to the customer remain the property of EASI Network. They must be returned whether or not an order is placed or in the event of an order being placed at the time.
EASI Network will only be bound by a change of order after a written confirmation.
Transactions handled by intermediaries, representatives, etc., are only binding after a written confirmation by EASI Network.
Weights, dimensions, capacities, performances and other characteristics included in catalogues, price lists and other advertising documents are merely indicative and are not a part of the contract.

Delivery times

The stipulation of a delivery date only gives rise to an obligation of means on the part of EASI Network, which commits to do its utmost to ensure that the deadline is met, the latter nevertheless remaining indicative.
Delivery periods only take effect after the receipt of the deposit at the time of the order and, if applicable, when its amount is credited to EASI Network’s financial account. Unless specified otherwise, a delay in delivery will under no circumstances entitle the customer to cancel the order and no compensation can be demanded.


In the event of a cancellation of the sale by the customer before any delivery, EASI Network may either require the execution of the sale or the payment of a fixed and irreducible indemnity of 20% of the sale price.

Terms and conditions of payment

All EASI Network invoices are payable in cash (unless special conditions are mentioned in the offer).
Any invoice that is unpaid in whole or partially on its due date will automatically and without notice or formal warning bear an interest of 12% per annum on the amount due and will also be increased by a lump sum of 15% of the principal sum with a minimum of 50 euros. In the event of non-payment of an invoice on its due date, the protesting of a bill even when not acceptable, or a request for a payment plan, EASI Network reserves the right to terminate the contract without any formality and to demand a fixed compensation of 20% of the total price.
Incomplete supply of an order cannot justify the refusal to pay for goods delivered and/or services performed. EASI Network also reserves the right to issue partial invoices when goods and/or services are supplied.

Warranty and claims

Unless specified otherwise in the offer or in the contract, EASI Network does not guarantee the compatibility and proper functioning of the material that is the subject of the contract with pre-existing hardware or software. Similarly, unless otherwise specified in the offer or contract, EASI Network does not guarantee the possibility of transferring pre-existing hardware or software to the recommended hardware.
Complaints relating to our invoices must be brought to our attention by registered mail within seven days after receipt. Failing this, the invoices will be considered as accepted without any reserve.


The Courts of the judicial district of Liège have sole jurisdiction to judge any dispute. When the dispute falls within the jurisdiction of district court, it will be decided by the district court of the second canton of Liège. Only Belgian law is applicable to contracts concluded by EASI Network.