About EASI Network

Many years of experience to share with you

Communication technologies evolve very rapidly and continuously, it is often difficult for the user of these solutions to discern the right choices for his day-to-day activities and to enable him to ensure their development, as the offers of the different actors such as integrators and suppliers are numerous.

EASi Network was born from this observation and from the desire to offer companies and institutions advice, support and training services that are completely independent of manufacturers and suppliers.

Our multi-year journey through different integrators and operators has allowed us to gain an overview of the needs and technical solutions in many sectors of activity and for different types of structures such as SMEs, large companies, health care, institutions, … Based on these experiences and starting from the lack of independent advice on the market, we decided to put this acquired knowledge at your service.

We offer you our consulting, support and training services throughout the evolution of your computer network.

What can we do for you?

We help and advise you in the choice and implementation of high quality solutions adapted to your needs and to your business.

  • If your network is showing signs of slowness, or if you have the impression that your installation is less efficient, EASI Network can help you by carrying out an audit of your infrastructure.

  • EASI Network offers you personalized advice according to your needs and supports you throughout your network and telecom projects.

  • We offer training in the fields of computer and telecom networks in standard or custom-made format according to your needs and requests.


Nous mettrons en avant sur cette accroche un service à mentionner concernant votre activité.


Nous mettrons en avant sur cette accroche un service à mentionner concernant votre activité.


Nous mettrons en avant sur cette accroche un service à mentionner concernant votre activité.

Quality services because of constant updating

We want to be your long-term partner in understanding your business and respecting your internal structures. The services provided are of high quality because of the constant updating of our knowledge and the continuous training of our experienced employees as well as through the rigour and seriousness of our studies. Our various certifications provide you with the assurance of a high-level knowledge of the solutions offered on the information technology market. We do not sell any equipment, this very important point assures us and ensures you a total independence when it comes to the advice and solutions we provide.

The direction taken following our support is always in perfect communication and in agreement with your internal services.

EASi Network, architect of your computer network.